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interesting facts about furniture

Separate styles generated not only special types and designs of furniture, but also new ideas about its compositional patterns. The appearance of furniture dates back to the transition of primitive communities to settled. I would like to tell you about some interesting facts about the formation of furniture.

In ancient Greece, initially all furniture, including beds and benches, were made of stone, and only in the 5th century BC – in the heyday of science and culture in ancient Greece appeared wooden beds. With the development of woodworking technologies, a change in the socio-economic structure and way of life, new types of furniture appeared and developed. The most important prerequisite for the development of furniture was also the availability of affordable material with the necessary strength, relatively low weight, and flexibility in processing.

The first place among other materials belonged to wood. The development of furniture is also closely related to the development of artistic styles. Furniture developed faster among those tribes who, due to climatic conditions, needed indoor spaces to a greater extent. Initially, those pieces of material that were closest to the desired shape of the product or part were selected for furniture. In addition, the national traditions of life and art in general had a noticeable effect on the decorative, and partly compositional, features of furniture.

A bed full of feathers and feathers was always considered to be elite, since only experienced craftsmen were engaged in its production, and the production process took a very long time. One of the first mattresses that looked like modern ones was stuffed with horsehair or algae.

This invention emphasized mobility as a fact and a necessity, since it is much easier to move three smaller parts of the cabinet than one large. A “drawer on a drawer on a drawer” (chest of drawers) was invented in Charleston, South Carolina furniture production legend by Thomas Elf). In Charleston, depending on the season, wealthy people often moved to summer / winter homes.

High bar and bar stools first appeared in the Wild West. Such a stand served as a protective barrier and saved the owner from bullets. They made it possible to quickly overturn the glass, consider the range of alcoholic drinks and chat with the bartender. To match the bar counter, bar stools were extended.

But concrete furnishings never became popular with buyers. Inventor Thomas Edison introduced concrete furniture to everyone in 1911, he was proud to say that such furniture can be as beautiful as wooden furniture, and it is much cheaper.

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